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Video Production

videoBRAND specializes in video for PR, marketing and advertising agencies including the Brand story, corporate videos, online ads, campaign, explainer and demonstration videos.

We also create videos for individuals and corporate directly, including music videos, documentaries and short films.

We’ll guide you through the production process from concept to completion.


At videoBRAND we pay strict attention to each Brand as a unique personality and take all the elements that makes them who they are and interpret this into this audio visual format. The Brands’ essence will be captured in video.


videoBRAND creates succinct, informative, visually pleasing videos about you, your company, product and service.

Include video in your marketing strategy.

Are you ready to embrace the power of Video?

You name it, we film it!

The Process

When, independently, you decide to have a video made, videoBRAND will meet with you and discuss the content and style that will best get your intended message across in video. Once this is agreed upon we will be able to give you an accurate estimate. PR, advertising and marketing agencies looking for a video production company that will create the best possible content for the budget available, should look no further than Videobrand. We have vast experience and ventured into video for online when video content for marketing was just a blimp on the digital radar.

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