This page dedicated solely to documentaries is an example of our film making skills.
Director, Shaun, is passionate about documentary making and is constantly looking to new subjects and stories to capture.

The subjects are generally people oriented which needs a particular directing skill to get the best out of the characters involved. Having watched any of the documentaries made you will agree that this has been achieved. Shaun’s ability to direct good performances from people new to being in front of camera is also evident in the corporate videos.

From our documentary making experience we are perfectly placed to apply storytelling techniques in video content.
With online video, storytelling style videos are becoming increasingly common for one simple reason; they work. Videos that tell an engaging story are more likely to be shared, liked and commented upon.

A list of documentaries made;

  • Thula Mtwana the Beauty is Coming
  • The Trek Fishermen of False Bay
  • Property of The State
  • Deadly Myths