How to Use Video Content as Link Bait for SEO [Tutorial]

Video can provide four distinct values for SEO. Rich Snippets can improve your click-through-rate, a presence on social video platforms can improve your brand awareness, product videos on commercial pages can help to increase conversion rate and lastly, video can be used to increase the number of links and social shares back to your site. In this post, I’m going to focus on the last of these and explain the methodology behind using video specifically as link bait.

There are essentially only two ways in which people commonly link to video content:

SEE […]

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Why Businesses Must Invest in Online Video Marketing

Just like we take some of the today’s everyday technologies for granted — fax, text, email marketing, e-commerce, SaaS — business video marketing is on the same technology adoption cycle and will be a standard budget item in a few short years. However, the majority of business owners and corporate marketing departments are only now starting to realize that online video marketing for businesses can drive conversion rates across every part of the marketing and sales lifecycle.

A quick search reveals plenty of research from the likes of […]

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