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How to end Your Video: Strong Call to Action Examples


As I mentioned in my last post on humanizing your explainer videos, one of the last (and most important) steps to include in any video is the call to action. This is where you close the deal, so to speak, and prompt your viewer to actually do something. It’s the virtual handshake with the viewer, if you will. If they’ve watched your video to completion, they’ve demonstrated clear interest (or they would have bounced ten seconds into the video). So now, you need to prompt […]

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How to Generate Leads With Video Marketing

Do you want to attract high-quality leads with social media?

Many business owners see a drop-off in new leads because they stop thinking strategically about conversions.

One way to enhance your social media marketing is to create a short, shareable social video—and implement a strategic “mini-campaign” around it to drive opt-ins.

In this article I’ll show 3 ways to supercharge your social media marketing with video.
#1: Create a Short Social Video
Converting social media fans into actual customers starts with getting fans off your social platforms and onto your email list.

First, you must move your fans from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterestonto […]

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Why Businesses Must Invest in Online Video Marketing

Just like we take some of the today’s everyday technologies for granted — fax, text, email marketing, e-commerce, SaaS — business video marketing is on the same technology adoption cycle and will be a standard budget item in a few short years. However, the majority of business owners and corporate marketing departments are only now starting to realize that online video marketing for businesses can drive conversion rates across every part of the marketing and sales lifecycle.

A quick search reveals plenty of research from the likes of […]

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